Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The LEO Chid...

The LEO Chid

"Tweedledum and Tweedledee Agreed to have a battle;

For Tweedledum said Tweedledee Had spoiled his nice, new rattle."

Remember the game you used to play called Follow the Leader? Remember the
little fellow who always sulked when he didn't get to be leader? If he was the same
pal who loaned you money to buy licorice sticks and Eskimo pies when your
allowance ran out, you must have had a Leo in your neighborhood gang.

The typical lion cub is sunny, happy, playful, and jolly when he gets his own way.
When he doesn't, storm clouds gather out of nowhere, along with a thunderous roar,
or a hurt, brooding withdrawal. Even if he does seem to be a bit full of himself, the
young Leo shouldn't be constantly put down. Suppressing his enthusiasm and high
spirits can cause deep scars that may darken his Sun for years. Little lions and
lionesses have a habit of bossing the other children which often annoys the mothers

of more inhibited youngsters, but they should be restrained gently and never

harshly in front of playmates. The great pride of the Leo reacts violently to an attack
on vanity, especially in public.

It's good to encourage the natural leadership in Leo children, but they should be
taught that everyone must have his turn, because that's the fair way, even if they are
stronger than the others.

The leonine sense of justice will usually cause the youngster to see the light. He's
not maliciously aggressive. He just has a compulsion to head for the front of the
parade. These boys and girls have a strong urge to show off, and it's hard to
discourage if it's allowed to get out of hand. The little lion is the one who proudly
stands on his head in the schoolyard or walks on a fence to thrill the girls. Wise
parents will begin early to make the Leo child realize that showing off is really very
undignified. This normally works like a charm, since Sun-ruled children have an
innate sense of dignity.

You'll notice it in the tiniest Leos. There's a sort of regal bearing, which creates the
impression that baby is monarch of all he surveys. The term "His majesty, the baby"
was coined to describe a Leo infant. Little cubs will begin early to rule the roost,
wrapping mother and daddy and the entire retinue of relatives around their fingers
with very little effort. It's the oddest thing, but a small lion sitting on his throne-I
mean in his high chair-covered with prune juice and egg yolk, and needing a change
of diapers, will somehow manage to keep his dignity intact. It comes naturally to a
Leo baby to allow doting parents and admir-, ing friends to pay homage to him,
while he graciously accepts their attention, gifts, and nattering tributes. He finds
adoration very easy to take. Notice the pleased, smug look on his face when
strangers stop to make a fuss over him.

Your Leo child will be more reckless than the average youngster, take more chances
and be more active. Then will come those periodic spells of leonine laziness, when
he'll lie around the house too tired to lift a finger, except to motion for you to wait
on him. Leave him alone and make him understand no one is his servant. If he
wants something, he can get it himself when his energy returns. Otherwise, a
spoiled Leo child can become a regular tyrant. Now and then, of course, it doesn't
hurt to bring him a book, hand him a glass of chocolate milk or otherwise perform a
friendly favor. But a little such submission to the lion's whims is plenty, unless you
have a secret urge to be a lady-in-waiting or a prince's equerry. Leo youngsters who
have been trained that they must respect the rights of others if they are to be
respected themselves can be lots of fun to live with. They're as playful and
affectionate as those adorable little cubs you see at the zoo, and like the cubs, they
need strict and loving discipline. The warm kiss and the tough birch rod will both
have to be employed frequently by lion tamers. Either one without the other is
always ineffective and dangerous.

There arc two kinds of Leo boys and girls. The first kind are the extroverts, gay,
cheerful, outgoing, warm and generous, if a bit pushy at times. The others are

quieter, almost timid on the surface. Such outwardly bashful little lions may have
suffered a serious blow to their vanity from domineering parents or from too much
attention being paid to brothers and sisters. Secretly, they need power and applause
as much as the others. The danger in such situations, if they're prolonged, is that the
Leo child will either get the attention he seeks later in life by forcing issues at the
wrong time with the wrong people, or retreat into painful shyness and destructive
frustration. Leo ego, unnaturally bottled up for long periods, is most unhealthy.

As youngsters, Leo boys may like to play with soldiers and enjoy games of
challenge with a strong element of chance. The little female Leo will be ladylike, if
strong-willed, may enjoy nice clothes and being told she's pretty, and will probably
like being given responsibilities around the house. An occasional Leo girl is a
tomboy, but vanity will eventually win out, and the phase passes. Don't expect these
youngsters to enjoy taking out the garbage or clearing the floors. They will rebel
against menial tasks, so assign them more important and dignified duties that give
them a sense of authority.

Teachers can expect the Leo students to do a little instructing of their own. They
love to explain things to others, and nothing delights them more than playing the
role of substitute instructor when the teacher has to leave the room. It puts them in
the spotlight. Normally, the Leo child left in charge at school will administer
discipline happily, but now and then his playful spirit will come forth, and the
teacher can return to find a three-ring circus in progress.

Young Leos can leam fast when they want to. They're intelligent, and are often
richly rewarding to the patient teacher, but they have a tendency to be a little lazy
about learning. They prefer to slide by on sunny personality and ingratiating charm.
Teachers can be a little sun blinded by their smiles and compliments, and it's not
unusual for little cubs to get better grades than they deserve. They may have to be
forced to develop good study habits. On second thought, forcing is a waste of time.
The easiest way to raise the grades of a Leo child is to appeal to his vanity, to make
him want to be superior to the others. That will usually turn the trick. When he's
good, pat him on the back so he really feels it. Light taps won't do. No matter how
many compliments he gets, he's always hungry for more.

These children will probably require more spending money than their more frugal
friends. Your Leo child may give away most of his spare nickels, but he won't short-
change himself, either. It's a good idea to teach him the rule the Rockefeller children
were taught about finances:

"Give some, spend some, save some." Especially the last

When they grow older, the young lions and lionesses will notice the opposite sex
much sooner than youngsters born under other Sun signs. Expect a turbulent
adolescence, because your Leo child will be up and down emotionally a hundred
times a day. Both his friendship and his romances will be terribly dramatic, and full
of colorful ecstasy and heartbreak. All Leo children love to go to parties. Give them

plenty of freedom, or they'll simply take it. Harsh orders destroy their pride and
dignity. If you build the courage and flatter the ego of your young Leo by telling
him sincerely you know he can do it, he'll proudly be strong for you.

It's never an easy task to raise an August child. There will be moments when you
feel your caged lion will never be tamed. But he can be, if you remember that he
needs gentle and continuous discipline-and love and affection are the two magic
keys that unlock his golden heart. It's not the lions who were adored as children who
grow up into unhappy adults. It's the little cubs who were emotionally starved and
neglected. Remember that he'll pretend to be very brave, but secretly fears he isn't.
Hug him tightly every night and love him with all your heart.

The LEO Woman

The LEO Woman

* 'Tis an honor to see me, a favor to hear:

'Tis a privilege high to have dinner and tea Along with the Red Queen, the White
Queen And me!"

There's one thing the Leo woman probably owns that you won't like. A scrapbook
of pictures and mementos from all her old boyfriends. It's no use trying to get her to
burn it, because the lioness is sentimental.

She's not a wallflower. She's a sunflower. Chances are she's ridiculously popular,
and you'll have plenty of competition if you want her to descend to using your name
for the rest of her life. You will be a few leaps ahead if your name is St. Hoyme or
Mountbatten, Cabot or Lodge. Anything that sounds royal or noble or important. I
honestly can't imagine a Leo woman marrying anybody with the name Carbunkle or
Smith. It's possible. Anything is possible. But she'll probably change Smith to

Most likely, she'll be the social leader of her group, lording it over lesser women
like a queen, but with such disarming warmth and such a beautiful smile, no one
really minds. Perhaps the other girls sense she was born to rule and dictate styles,
customs and manners. Anyway, it wouldn't do much good to try to usurp her

Nature seems to have shown some prejudice when she fashioned the lioness with
enough vivacity, cleverness, grace, beauty, and just plain sex appeal for at least
three women, with some left over. If you're the victim of an inferiority complex,

you'd better set your sights on a bird with less brilliant feathers. Don't expect to
tame her into a docile little maid who hangs on your every word. The man who
expects a Leo girl to worship at his feet is living in a fool's paradise. Consider
yourself lucky if she meets you halfway, respects you, is willing to be your partner
and allows you to possess her emotionally. By the very act of permitting you to love
her, she's practically knighted you, for heaven's sake. Seriously, you could do-a lot
worse. A lioness is a lot of woman. She's rather a luxury item, not available in the
bargain basement.

It pays to remember that the Leo female can act up a storm, and pretend to be as
sweet and harmless as a bowl of jelly beans. She may have a voice like a whisper,
gentle, courteous manners and big, soft eyes that sparkle delightfully when she bats
her lashes. A Leo female can appear to be as smooth and calm as a cool and placid
lake. On guard. That's just a role she assumed because it got good reviews. Remove
her as the star of your love production, cast her in the part of the understudy or
second lead, and you'll soon find out just how shy and submissive she isn't. Of
course, most of the Leo women to whom you pay homage will openly make it clear
that they're too proud and dignified to take any nonsense. I'd just hate to see you
stumble in case you get involved with the other kind of lioness, who hides hei
claws, but sharpens them every day just the same.

The first step when you're courting this girl is to go prepared with gifts. It doesn't
make much difference what they a-e, so long as they're expensive, in excellent taste,
and you're dressed properly when you offer them. Then you should practice
different ways of complimenting her. Please be original and creative. Phrases like
"You send me, Baby," and "You're really cool, sweetheart," will get you thrown
right out of the palace, back with the peasants, Vulgarity and slang both leave her
ice cold. Remember, you're wooing royalty. She can't exist without flattering
appreciation, but keep in mind that she admires your masculinity, and she has no
desire to turn you into a henpecked weakling. A Leo woman couldn't love you if
you weren't strong. It's just that she won't permit you to insult her with a
condescending attitude. In her mind, she is definitely not the weaker sex.

Lots of Leo girls are athletic and enjoy sports, but you'd be smarter to take your
lioness to the theater than to the ball park. The stage and footlights will never fail to
magnetize and transfigure her. (Better buy orchestra seats. Forget the balcony.)
Choose a play in which the heroine behaves the way you want her to behave that
night, and your chances are better than average that she'll act the part

and never miss an inflection. After the festivities are over, don't take her to a
hamburger stand and expect her to sit at the counter munching french fries because
she's so much in love with you. You're better off to take her out less often to more
glamorous places. She's not necessarily a gold digger; in fact, she's usually

-she won't object to frequent Dutch dates and she'll probably shower you with
almost as many gifts as you give her. But she's just plain uncomfortable in shabby
surroundings. The poorest Leo woman in the world will manage to accumulate
enough pennies to buy draperies for the windows, rings for her fingers and bells for
her toes. Now and then she may go slumming, out of curiosity, but only as a

spectator, aloof from the crowd. Poverty depresses her and makes her physically ill.
If you dress like a slob and offer her a shack, you haven't got a chance.

There's a story about a noble Frenchwoman who turned to her lover in the gardens
of Versailles and asked, "Darling, do the common people know this exquisite
emotion of love?" When she was assured that they did, she cried out in injured
surprise, "It's entirely too good for them!" She was probably a Leo.

Don't blame the lioness for her occasional arrogance and vanity. It's her nature to
feel herself above the common masses. People seldom resent it, because the Leo
woman who's warmly loved and respected can be the kindest and most generous of
females, with a womanly compassion for children and for the helpless and the
forsaken. You can't really expect her to step down from a throne that's her birthright.
If she's a typical Sun child, she's so gracious and dazzling that most people gladly
give her credit for being out of the ordinary. Truthfully, she is. She's intelligent,
witty, strong, and capable, yet deliciously feminine at the same time. No one in his
right mind could call that common.

A little flattery will get you everywhere with your Leo lady. You've already found
out it's her secret weakness. And here's another secret, if you plan to marry her:

eventually, she'll tire of her gilded cage and want to roam the jungle to see what's
doing with all the other cats out there. Confinement inside four walls and under one
roof can soon rob her of her sparkle. Let her have her career. Shell wither on the
vine if she's forced to be just a haus-frau, unless you have enough money to allow
her to be a constant hostess and an extravagant home decorator.

The Leo girl usually makes a jewel of a wife. You'll seldom see her dressed
frumpily in a tatty bathrobe, wearing curlers and wrinkle cream. Not that she skips
the beauty treatments. The typical lioness will spend hours in front of the mirror and
a fortune on cosmetics, but she wants you to see the results, not the strategy. There
may be times when you feel you're supporting her hairdresser's entire family. Many
a husband of a Leo woman finds himself pleading, "Honey, do you have to spend so
much money at the beauty parlor?" But few lionesses like to do their own hair. A
shampoo and set makes them feel pampered, and feeling pampered does something
for every Leo.

Unless she has a Cancer, Virgo or Capricorn ascendant, you may have to watch her
with charge accounts. Leos easily slip overboard when it comes to spending for fine
feathers, furnishings for the home or gifts for friends. Her wardrobe can be quite
extensive. She can look luscious in evening gowns, dripping with sequins and
rhinestones, or low-cut, dressy outfits. But she'll probably prefer casual clothes and
sportswear, if she's a typical Leo girl. She likes tailored cuts and rich materials, but
not necessarily frills and ruffles. Soft cashmeres, good Italian knits and imported
English tweeds are her favorites. Her taste is usually excellent, if a bit expensive.
An occasional Leo woman will overdo and bury her sense of style in gaudy,
shocking clothes, but she's an exception to the general rule of the traditional


exquisite flair for fashion.

You'll find her a superb hostess when you bring the boss home for dinner. He'll
think you're a genius to have won her. She'll probably make a hit with his wife, too,
because the lioness is popular with both men and women, and each sex gets treated
to her friendly smile and her outgoing personality equally. Anyone who happens to
be standing in her bright sunlight feels the warmth. Leos seldom cast a shadow.

As a mother, shell pour love on her children generously and lavish affection on
them. It won't be easy for her to see their faults, but when she does, she'll be strict.
Since she can't stand being taken for granted, if the children don't respect her she
can pout in regal silence. Many Leo mothers have a peculiar way of spoiling the
child without sparing the rod, quite a contradiction when you think about it. She
may romp and play with her cubs, have long, chummy talks with them, but shell
also teach them to snap to attention like soldiers, polish their manners, and be
obedient to their elders. At the same time, there's a danger of providing a shade too
much spending money, and giving in to requests for luxuries. In a way, you might
say she treats her offspring like petted members of a royal family, deeply loved, but
expected to mind their p's and q's, especially in public. She'll be fiercely proud of
their accomplishments, and heaven help the outsider who attempts to hurt them or
judge them unfairly. With all this, she won't smother the youngsters. She's too
independent to hover over them every second. She'll lead her own life, keeping a
watchful eye out for her cubs, from a distance. Many Leo women are working
mothers, but their youngsters seldom starve for attention. The career-minded Leos
usually manage to balance motherhood and a job with perfect aplomb.

There are times when she'll lose her dignity and poise and become a rollocking,
playful lioness, with a flair for pure slapstick. She can roar with laughter like a
healthy animal, but when the moment is gone, the satin voice and regal bearing
return. No one can squelch a fresh remark or a rude question with as much cold
contempt as a Leo female. She doesn't appreciate familiarity from strangers.
Although she'll clown around and be surprisingly casual with intimates, outsiders
are expected to keep their place.

In the area of faithfulness, the Leo woman may remind you of the old toast, "Here's
to me and here's to you, and here's to love and laughter-I'll be true as long as you-
not a single minute after." Enough said.

Don't be jealous of her knack for being the center of attention in a roomful of
admiring males. Heads always turn when the lioness smoothly glides by. She feels
it's only natural for men to pay court to her. She may encourage masculine
compliments and indulge in light, innocent flirtations, because her deep need for
applause and adulation covers a strange fear that she's not feminine enough and

must constantly reassure herself that she's desirable. It doesn't mean she's not still

love with you, just because she smiles at your best friend and tells him she adores
his new sports jacket. But don't try telling her best friend you like her new . irt.
That's a whole different ball game. What's sauce for the gander is not sauce for the

goose, to reverse the old nursery rhyme. If she hears you call your secretary
anything much more intimate than "Miss What's-her-name," your purring kitten
may scratch.

Of course, it's not fair. But if you want to be the proud possessor of all those
gorgeous brilliantly-colored feathers, you have to make a few concessions. After all,
owning a peacock is hardly the same thing as owning a cuckoo bird or a cooing
pigeon. Humor her vanity. She'll probably be important in her own right, because
few Leo women can resist competing with men for prestige, if not income. Your
lioness could be anything from an actress to a surgeon.

One of my best friends and favorite Leos is a well-known New York psychiatrist.
Granted, it's a career which permits her to lecture and advise (Leo's favorite
pastime), but she gives her counsel with such a warm smile, sparkling eyes and deep
compassion, her patients feel better just being in the same room with her. Her
husband pays her all the respect and adoration she demands as her royal right, but
he has a profession of his own to match hers. He's a gifted writer and poet, talents
which always impress the sentimental Leo. They share equal billing in front of the
footlights, yet he's the man and the boss behind the scenes. A perfect success
formula for taming the lioness.

And that's the key to a smooth relationship with your Leo girl. Don't let her smother
you-but don't try to top her. Just paste a big, bright star on her dressing room door,
and puff up your ego. You're quite a guy, you know-to have won the hand of the
proud lioness. Tell me, how did you manage to do it?

The LEO Man ...

The LEO Man

" 'Tis love-'tis love that nukes the world go round!"

When Gray wrote the lines about a flower "born to blush unseen and waste its
sweetness on the desert air," he certainly wasn't describing a Leo. You might see
this man basking in the bright sunlight, and you may find him making flowery
speeches, but it won't be in the solitude of the desert. Most likely it will be on a
stage or in front of a circle of adoring friends and relatives. He may waste money,
but he's not about to waste his sweetness in the empty air. There will always be an

There you are, in a nutshell. The secret of snaring the lion is that simple. Be his
audience. Totally different from the reluctant Virgo and Aquarian males, your Leo
pal will happily succumb to the throes of delicious romance, if you play your cards
right, adore him, flatter him, and respect him.

Is he a flamboyant August male? Wear dark glasses and submit to his brilliant
sunlight. Is he one of the gentle, quiet Leos? Don't be taken in by his sleek softness.
Stroke him the wrong way and sparks will fly. Remember, he's only playing the role
of the meek soul. Beneath his courteous manner and patient fixity are smoldering
fires of proud dignity and arrogant vanity, ready to flame up and bum the pushy
female silly enough to think she can rule him.

The lion will be a chivalrous and gallant suitor, tenderly protective and
sentimentally affectionate. You won't need to lay much of a trap to tempt him into
romantic advances. One might say Leos possess a kind of instant passion. Just add
opportunity-mix well with candlelight and lush violins-and love's in bloom like the
red, red rose. As a matter of fact, you can leave out the candles and music if they're
not handy, and just use the first ingredient. Same thing.

If love is missing from his life, the fiery lion will simply pine away-dramatically, of
course. He has to be worshiped or die, and you can just about take that literally. Leo
males seldom spare expenses when they're courting. You'll be taken to the best
restaurants, showered with perfume and flowers, proudly escorted to the theater
and you'll tie a ribbon around some pretty fantastic love letters. To tell you the truth,
you'd have to have a heart made of stone to resist.

By now, you're probably thinking you've got it made.

Think again. That leonine romance won't be completely trouble free. You might
take a lesson from the pampered favorites of royalty. Leo will invite you into his
den and warm you at the hearth of his big heart, but the lion's lair can turn into a
plush, luxurious prison. Is he jealous? The answer is "Yes," and you can spell it with
big electric light bulbs. You belong to him, body, soul, and mind. He'll tell you what
to wear, how to part your hair, what books to read, which friends are best for you
and how to organize your day better. He'll want to know why you were gone for two
hours shopping when you said you'd be back in one hour, who you met on the way,
what they said- and he'll even pout if you don't tell him what you're thinking as you
stare out the kitchen window while you're scrambling his eggs. After all, you could
be thinking of another man. Just don't ever forget the force of his impulsive temper
when it's aroused. Teasing him by occasional flirtations to prove to him you are still
desirable is absolute folly. He knows you're desirable. He needs no proof
whatsoever. Besides, your Leo man is liable to flatten your innocent masculine
friends to the floor-if not put them in the hospital-when he's pushed too far.

All is not roses and honey in a love affair with a lion, and that includes the quiet
pussycats along with the flashy torn cats. There's no difference in the basic nature.
Every woman in love with a Leo should get a copy of Anna and the King of Siam
and study it well. The Siamese monarch was a typical Leo and youll get invaluable
tips from Anna's technique. First the provocative challenge to interest him, then
final feminine submission after you've taught him you won't be completely
devoured. Truly, her story is a must. Sleep with it under your pillow.

Be prepared to balance his great enthusiasms with calm reason and willing to soothe
him as he blows up problems intr> hnop. (timensions. The eentle Leos do this
quietly, but what's the difference? Whether he roars and rages because his
employees refused to obey him, or pouts on the back porch because the neighbors
snubbed him the end result is identical. He needs your stability to balance his
irrational pride. If you don't possess it yourself, your love may turn into a constant
battle royal. You'll be breaking up and making up with such speed that your
astonished friends will ask, "Where's the fire?" Where? Why, right inside your cozy
lion's den. .

Don't try to be a career girl. He'll never stand for it He's your career. The lion may
permit his mate to go out hunting for a few skins when the bank account gets low,
but she'd better make it clear the job comes last, after him and the home nest. He
won't tolerate competition from a male or an outside interest. If you're brave enough
to accept these challenges, go ahead and buy your trousseau, but be sure it's

He'll want to show you off in his own Easter Parade, in December as well as in
ApriL Embarrass him by appearing in public looking anything but queenly and you
might miss a familiar face in the church while the choir is singing "Oh, Promise

After you're married, mated, and deeply loved, count your rewards. Your Leo
husband will be as kind and good-hearted as King Arthur, provided you let the
family revolve around him. If he gets the respect he demands, hell repay it by
pouring out generosity. You may be told how lovely you look repeatedly, he'll
probably give you a large allowance, and-wonder of wonders, with his romantic dis-
position-he'll be likely to remain faithful. There's always a better chance of that after
marriage than when he's single, and I'll tell you why. The lion is usually too lazy to
chase pretty faces, once he's found a lioness who will capably run his kingdom,
while he luxuriously snoozes in the hammock. Hell play affectionately with his
cubs, protect his mate from all danger, and thrill her with his ambition to rise to a
position of impressive superiority in his career.

You will lead an active social life with your Leo husband, as long as he gets his
beauty sleep. But there will be a few nights out with the boys, and there may also be
some juggling of finances, due to sudden gambling urges, or a chance investment
he thought would pay off. A Leo man I know once bought ten shares in an oil well.
Although he was onlv one verv minor stockholder among thousands, about twice a
month, he would visit the site of the drilling and look important. When anyone
asked him what he wanted, he would tell them, "I'm just checking to see how things
are going with my well." The drillers treated him with great respect. They thought
he was a member of the Board of Directors.

Take it all in stride-there are compensations. How can he scold you for buying that
expensive mink hat after he lost the price of a mink coat in a little game with the
fellows or after he spent your savings at an auction on two box cars of folded
cardboard cartons in assorted sizes, when he took a notion to go into the mail order
business? (Then he couldn't use them because it turned out that they were stamped
all over with the words "Rat Poison" and a large skull and crossbones.) Keep him
away from auctions if you have to lock him up, because he has an irresistible urge to
bid higher than anybody on anything at any time He'll be quite the check grabber in
public too, cheerfully saying, "The treat's on me," with the money for the new
freezer. Leo would be right at home in Texas or Las Vegas, where he would
instantly be recognized as a high roller (unless his Moon or ascendant dictates

There's one thing about the lion you may find very handy. Almost all Leos have a
marvelous knack for fixing things. It can be anything from a broken door knob or a
stubborn bathroom faucet to a tape recorder or a complicated stereo hi-fi set. If he's
a typical Leo, he won't be able to resist trying his hand at making something work
when it's on the blink. If all else fails, he'll give the offending machine or whatever a
resounding kick in splendid leonine anger, and suddenly the door knob will turn, the
water will spray like Niagara Falls, the tape recorder will start talking and the hi-fi
will start singing. There seems to be something mechanical about this Sun sign. Lots
of Leo men can take engines apart and put them back together again, hardly soiling
their hands in the process. He's not the type to let a hinge hang for months un-
screwed or a carpet lie on the floor untacked. A surprising number of lions are
experts at making their own furniture and building an extra room on the house with
no professional help. He may have his own workshop in the basement. Don't
complain about a little sawdust on the floor. It keeps him contented-and home at

The lion is the life of most parties, but he's no fool. He wears the jester's mask to get
attention, and his audiences usually sense they'd better respect him during his
temporary playful spells. Regardless of appearances, there's nothing easygoing
about the inner nature of your Leo man. He's far more steadfast and tenacious than
he seems. He knows what he wants, and he usually gets it. He's pretty good at
keeping it, too.

If you expect him to be faithful during the courtship, be sure you keep him well
nourished with romance and affection or his huge need for love and admiration will
make him stalk all over the jungle in search of it. If your relationship is real and
deep, he'll probably be true to you, but his eyes may wander a bit. Other than
keeping him blindfolded, there's very little you can do about that. Leo appreciates
beauty, so if you're the type to get jealous over an appreciative glance at another
female, you'd better get tolerant fast. A Leo man whose lady love leaves him
because of his flirting will be honestly hurt and astonished. He's entirely capable,
then, of faking anything from a heart attack to a tear-stained farewell note to get you
to sympathize and run back into his big, warm arms, and hell be so convincing
you'll feel like a cruel monster. Unless you enjoy emotional, dramatic scenes
yourself, it's much less trouble to understand him in the first place. His capers will
probably be innocent and harmless anyway, if you're treating him right. Never
overly sensitive to the feelings of others, in spite of their basic kindness, most Leo
men are so wrapped up in themselves that they can be brutally frank and untactful.
But his dazzling smile soon clears the air. The warm lion doesn't have a malicious
bone in his strong, graceful body. He may blow off terrifying steam, yet malice is
not a part of his make-up and he can't cope with real cruelty (unless there's an
affliction in his natal chart). He will enjoy sports, but as he grows older, he will
prefer to watch them from the comfort of his padded throne, while you wait on him.

Not always, but very often, there's an odd twist to Leo males. Unlike the Capricorn,
who seeks to rise socially through wedlock, the lion sometimes tends to marry be-
neath him. He has as much desire for social status, but he just can't resist acquiring
a "subject" to whom he's superior. Sometimes he makes a wrong choice, and the
shrinking violet who sat adoringly at his feet makes a surprise move to grab the
sceptre away from him. When that happens, the dethroned Leo is a miserable
husband who .wears the tragic compression of an exiled monarch.

It's sad. but true- that Leos seldom raise large families. Many of them have no
children, are separated from them, or raist an only child. Too bad, because they
make warm, wonderful fathers, perhaps somewhat too permissive between sten
talks about prope' behavior. Your offspring may chafe under his demands and be
bored with his long lectures, bui they'll soon learn how to flatter him into sub-
mission. He'11 insist on their respect and get it, but they're liable to wheedle him out
of anything by the clever usage of "Yes, Sir. You're right. Sir." Therefore, the real
discipline may be up to you. The children may resent his arrogant ways. but Leo
fathers are almost always remembered with affection in later years. One tip. Don't
give the youngsters more attention than you give him, or you may end up with quite
a lot of trouble on your hands in the form of a giant bruised ego, which will be
nearly impossible to heal.

How can you size up the puzzling male Leo? Is he kindhearted or dangerous,
generous or cruelly selfish? Is he really a sociable fellow who loves people? Does
he gain his reputation for superiority under false pretenses, or does he, like the real
lion, deserve to be called King? Obviously, by his own standards at least, he does
deserve to be the Lord and Master in his love life and his career. You have to admit
that he's usually highly successful in both romance and business.

Whether the Leo man is truly a king, or just a pretender to the throne, we may never
know. But there are several things you do know about your own lion. He has in-
satiable appetites, and he's as proud as a peacock. He has am enormous need to
command and to be loved by those he rules. Remember that Leo secretly fears he
may fail and be ridiculed. It's a constant inner torture, and the true source of his
vanity and exaggerated dignity. Yet, when his nobility has been aroused by a great
cause, he knows no fear. Only then does the lion learn that the magnificent strength
and courage he's been pretending to have has really been there all along.

Your Leo may drive you wild by his antics during courtship, but he's not at all a bad
mate for a long term possibility. If you don't mind submerging your ego, and
building your life around his, once you've tamed this man, you'll be adored and
youll never be lonely again. Besides, he can fix those bathroom faucets.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The CANCER Child...

The CANCER Child

Dear, dear, haw queer everything is today! And yesterday things went on just as

Write it down so you'll remember it and not be surprised every day of your life:
your Cancer baby will change his moods as frequently as you change his diaper. It's
a strange new world for the lunar infant. He'll be fascinated by delicious things to
eat and drink, and he'll love all the colorful pictures which pass before his sharp
little eyes, and impress themselves on his indelible memory. What he experiences
will never leave him. When he's old and gray, your Cancerian boy or girl will
remember every feeling and emotion, and be able to give it back as an exact image.

One of the dearest Cancerian women I ever knew was born in Europe, and when she
was ill, she would sing every word of the Russian lullabies she had heard as a child,
even though she came to America almost half a century ago. Most of us would be
lucky if we remembered the tune or words to "Rockabye Baby."

From breakfast until bedtime, the busy mind of the Cancerian child will be
recording what he sees and hears.

It's difficult for worldly adults to follow him up his Moon mountain of dreams or go
beside him as he wades in the streams of his luminous imagination. His emotions
are rich, colorful and varied, but for all that, he may be lonely.

Playing with lunar babies can be loads of fun. They're funny little creatures, with
droll expressions and eyes that almost talk by themselves. Their features constantly
eon-tort with tears, twist with a grimace or spread wide with smiles. It's interesting
to watch those elastic expressions, but you may frequently wish you could predict
when he's going to giggle, or get that faraway look in his eye as he listens to the
curious music every Moon child hears.

These youngsters have more emotional needs that Pisces boys and girls. Much

than with any other children, the strongest influence on Cancerians is always the

early home environment. From infancy through the teens, young crabs are
tremendously dependent on the reactions of their parents and their brothers and
sisters. Your lunar child may be too shy to express his real inner desires, but he
secretly wants to be made over, cuddled and adored. If he doesn't get attention and
approval from his family, relatives and friends, the rejection can simply crush him. I
have a close friend who was born in July. Late one night in her kitchen (where
else?), we were talking about her childhood.

She told me, "When I was a little girl in grade school, my parents gave me ten or
fifteen cents a week to spend. But I never spent it. I saved it, so I could give a

"For what?" I asked her.

A wistful look passed across her wonderfully mobile features. "Well, I used to offer
fifty cents at the end of each month to the friend who treated me the nicest."

At first I was amused, and started to remind her of all tfae candy and treats she had
missed by passing out her entire allowance for kind treatment, but something in her
eyes changed my mind.

Although your young Cancerian may briefly turn into a rebel without a cause in
adolescence, during his tender years the little crab is usually easy to manage and
discipline. His inner life is very real to him, and he'll happily play by himself for
many hours. He may even have an invisible playmate called something like Boris or
Betty, who helps him make mud pies, plant imaginary flowers or play cowboy and
Indian. The make-believe Boris or Betty are always well-behaved and courteous.
They will always let the Cancer youngster win, and they'll give in to his desire to be
a gentle leader without a murmur. Sometimes these imaginary playmates will
disappear for weeks at a time, but they'll return as soon as a real, live neighborhood
chum or schoolmate wounds those little lunar feelings or bosses the Moon child
around too much. As docile and quiet as most Cancerians are. Cancer is a cardinal
Sun sign of leadership. Despite their tender emotions and gentle manners, they are
not followers. There's a great deal of independent thinking and individualism.

If your offspring follows the pattern of most July children, he'll get his way and be
slightly spoiled around the edges. It's the squeaky hinge that gets the most oil. He
won't exactly squeak, but he can get mighty weepy when he's ignored or treated
harshly. Talk about tears! A Moon child can cry rivers and flood a room. It's as if
someone left the kitchen spigots running. If all that dampness doesn't get him the
tender sympathy he must have for healthy emotions, the little Cancerian boy or girl
will grow up into a dry-eyed adult with a barren heart, unable to give or receive love
easily-seeking solitude, forming very few warm friendships-and become a recluse in
old age.

When such a sensitive little crab is in your care, it's really urgent to laugh and cry
with him and to calm his fears. Hell have a whole passel of them. Your own. lunar

child may not have each one on the list, but he's sure to have quite a few. He can be
afraid to go to sleep in the dark without a soft night light, afraid of fire and matches,
afraid of fast cars and loud noises. He can fear strangers, large animals, bright
lights, food he's never tasted before, lightning and thunder.

Lots of young loony-birds get the blues when it rains. A spring or fall shower can do
strange things to the inner nature. It can make him suddenly want to write a poem,
paint a picture or make music. At other times, it can cause him to hide his frightened
little head under the bedspread, while his bottom half protrudes and trembles

This child requires much emotional empathy to develop his fine, loving, artistic and
creative qualities. If it is given wholeheartedly in his formative years, it will help
him grow into a patient, generous, quietly confident and open-hearted adult. If
attentive understanding is denied him, his natural compassion and gentleness may
be warped and twisted into self-pity and bitter, silent brooding. Fear, unless coped
with early, can become illogical prejudice and hatred. Little crabs who have been
stunted in their emotional growth sometimes turn into suspicious snappers, often
revengeful and even suicidal. At best, these moody, unhappy men and women lead
sad, uneventful lives, unless they make a dramatic decision to bury themselves in
building a financial empire or developing a latent talent. Either one can mercifully
replace the love and affection withheld from the gentle lunar heart when it was the
most vulnerable -in childhood.

It can't be emphasized enough that these sensitive children can imagine hurts or
slights, and dream up a rejection which never existed. Special care has to be taken

convince them that they're good, smart, pretty, handsome, loved and wanted. Many
parents sense this, which is why lots of little crabs are pampered so much at home
that they get quite a shock as adults when they discover the world takes a cool,
disinterested view of their personal desires. No wonder so many Cancerians fondly
remember Mama and practically build a shrine to her as they grow older. No one
else will ever again care quite so much. The big question with a Moon child is
always whether to be overly firm and warp him, or overly permissive and spoil him.
Finding the middle road is never easy, and the problem can keep you up a few
nights. The keyword is: relax. Love usually finds the way. The best formula is a
good old-fashioned spanking when he needs it, with plenty of hugs and kisses and
lots of physical expressions of affection at all other times.

Teachers normally find the Cancerian boys and girls whizzes in history. They
seldom forget dates or events. That's because, thanks to their mirror-like sensitivity,
they can read about something that happened years ago, and almost believe they
were there. If Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln themselves
could return and tell their stories, they probably wouldn't be recounted with much
more color than the typical young Cancerian uses when he discusses the

of the dim and dusty past. It's as if they actually saw the Battle of Lex-ington, the
signing of the Declaration of Independence and the shot fired on Fort Sumter.
There's hardly a detail they can't imagine. It's easy to see why so many of these

sensitive boys and girls go on the stage, become creative photographers or follow a
distinguished career in music or art. Instructors of the young lunar mind may now
and then complain of stubbornness or daydreaming, but it's not often that either
failing becomes pronounced enough to be really troublesome. There may be some
exaggerating. The boy may describe the ordeal of being attacked in the woods by a
dangerous bear to explain some scratches caused by a fall from his own front porch.
The girl may give a sad recital of how she was locked out with no supper by cruel
parents, after what was only a mild argument with her family. But a few tall tales
can be expected when you consider the strong mental impressions created by
reading adventure stories with the lunar imagination. When there's real heartache,
instead of make-believe tragedy, the typical Cancerian child will normally remain
quiet and decline to speak about it. There's an old Chinese proverb: "He who is
really hurt-doesn't talk."

Like the Libran child, happy Cancerian youngsters can run up the family food bill to
fantastic proportions and soothing hurt feelings caused by the nickname Fatty is
common. If there's a lot of brooding or nervousness, the nickname may be Skinny.
It's best to bypass all nicknames with Moon children. They should never be teased.

Most young crabs look forward to working for pay, and they'll scour the
neighborhood for odd jobs. Your Cancer child will begin early to cut grass, sweep
leaves and babysit. He'll return bottles for refunds, help hang out the laundry, assist
the trash men, sell lemonade at the curb, or anything else he can think of that will
make his pockets jingle. The pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters-and finally the dollars
he makes will be carefully accounted for, and a good portion of them saved. After a
while, you may be able to save some yourself-on his allowance. He'll probably sup-
ply his own spending money sooner than other children, and be proud of it. You'll
find him easy on your pocket-book in many ways. These children often work their
way through college. The boys will have a healthy curiosity about the business
world. The girls will be efficient in cash matters, too, but they'll also spend lots of
time with their dolls and baking brownies, practicing for their future careers as

The Cancer child will keep you amused with his jokes and his contagious laugh. He
can make funny faces that look like Halloween masks, and he sees the humor in
every facet of the human parade as it passes. Give him, if possible, a little plot of
earth he can call his own, where he can plant things with his green thumb and watch
them grow. He'll be tenderly concerned with relatives who are ill, financial
emergencies in the family, and the difficulties of his friends and neighbors. Lunar
youngsters love books about heroic people who braved hardships to do great

and they'll be especially gentle and sympathetic with animals. But if they feel
cruelly treated themselves, they may pass on the cruelty, or rather, reflect it to

smaller than themselves in a sort of "kick the cat" progression. Young crabs can live
up to the name and be quite crabby, but such moods seldom last more than a few
hours, before they're replaced by a lovable loony grin.

As you turn off the lamps at bed time, you may wonder, as all parents do about a

day in the not too far distant future when the little head that keeps popping up "for
one more drink of water" will be missing. The house will be still then, and empty of
his alternating tears and laughter, after the funny, imaginative little crab crawls
away to raise his own family. Will he forget? Not if he was born in late June or July.
Years can go by, and he may sail on distant seas, but you can keep his bean bag-the
one he gave you that Saturday afternoon you quarreled-on his dresser. And you can
leave her rag doll in its place on the window seat. Your Moon child will come home
again ' many times throughout every tomorrow-to meet old memories and return to
the past. No matter how many miles separate him from yesterday, anywhere he lives
is always handy to home. Keep the cookie jar full

The CANCER Woman....

The CANCER Woman

. . . Echoes fade and memories die:

Autumn frosts have slain July.

Still she haunts me, phantomwise, Alice moving under skies Never seen by waking

There's so doubt about it. In the beginning, you'll have trouble deciding if your
Cancerian girl is a gentle moon maiden or a wild loony-bird. In the end, you still
won't know.

During the rainy season, she'll drown you in her sorrows. When the sun peeks
through the clouds again, she'll double you up with laughter, and touch you with
tenderness. Experiencing her moods is like watching one of those old-time silent
movies where hysterical slapstick humor comes on just before the Perils of Pauline
thriller, and the entire show is backed by the tinny piano in the pit Sometimes the
tune is lively and gay; then it gets melancholy and blue. The music is variable, to
suit the occa^ sion, never stagnant or monotonous. So it is with the Cancer girl.
She's just a little mad, slightly sad and superbly imaginative. She also knows how to
save the shekels.

Naturally, you can't look under her mattress until after you've married her. Modesty
is a thing with her. But you can safely make a bet she probably has an old sock
there, stuffed with green bills and silver coins. She may have an extravagant
ascendant or Moon sign, but even so, she'll' have a quarter or two stuck under the
potted azalea, or salted away in the folds of that lace tablecloth she got for her
birthday ten years ago and still hasn't ever used. Open One of her books of poetry,
and a wrinkled dollar bill may fall out, blinking at the light of day. A Cancer female
can go on a sudden spending spree when she's been hurt and needs balm for her
injured ego, but most of the time her outgo will lag considerably behind her income.
Your savings account may be of unusual interest to her, and money may be one of
her favorite topics of conversation. She won't look down on you if you don't have it,
so long as you're the kind of man who tries to get it. She'll help you make it and
save it, but you're on your own when it comes to wasting it. Don't go too far, or
she'll see your mutual security slipping away. When you give this girl a terribly
expensive gift, and she says, "You shouldn't have done it," let me tell you, she
means it.

To take her mind off insurance, mortgages, rent, bills and her Christmas club
balance at the bank, bundle her off to the seashore at midnight for a walk in the
moonlight. That's when shell be at her best. The Moon will pull out all her secret
dreams, and the nearness of the water may loosen her four hundred and three
inhibitions. You're liable to see her whole range of emotions in the space of an hour.
Then you can choose the one you like the best and encourage her to cultivate it. A
strange transformation will take place when you get the typical Cancerian girl alone

on a beach under a full Moon. That cool and reserved lady you see in the daytime,
or even the giggly, outrageous flirt you notice on an occasional evening in a
restaurant or theater, will suddenly become a creature from another world when the
magnetic rays of the Moon shine in her eyes and the compelling sound of the surf
fills her ears. She'll turn into a sea nymph, who can soar with you as far as your
imagination can reach. It will work nine times out of ten, and the tenth time you
probably picked a new Moon. That won't accomplish the same purpose. She'll be
shy and sweet when the Moon is waning but what you really want is a Moon that's
full enough to arouse all her latent talents. Under its spell, at the right time in her
personal ebb and flow of emotions, she can write a poem, compose a song or tear
the veil off mysteries the philosophers have pondered for centuries. Naturally, she
makes an interesting conversationalist at these times. To say the very least.

You should know that there are two distinctive approaches when a Cancerian
female is in love with you. The first is gentle and womanly, shy, modest and
pleasantly trembly. The second is rather sticky. This last type will use every trick of
Eve to sit as close as possible to you in the booth. It can be very exciting, of course,
if you really care for her. But if you're just being friendly, and she deliberately
squeezes your hand or busses you on the cheek just as the girl you found at the end
of the rainbow walks by, the game may lose some of its flavor. You can go along
with the gag, but I know one man who did, and the other girl, who was for real and
didn't play games, kept on walking. He was left with a clinging crab with a fit of the
giggles. This kind of Cancerian woman can be a real threat to true love and happy
homes. Fortunately, she is in the minority. Still, even one can cause a lot of trouble.

As you know from the other Sun signs, few women are perfect. The Aries girl is
always running around hailing her own taxis and butting her head against brick
walls, the Sagittarius girl is shockingly outspoken, the Scorpio girl can frighten you,
Gemini can be fickle, Leo too proud- and so on. Cancer women ordinarily have
none of these faults.

Nevertheless, there are some "don'ts" to remember with her. She hates to be
criticized, she is deeply wounded by ridicule, and she just can't stand being rejected.
One, two, three. They're basics. Seldom openly aggressive, the typical Cancerian
hesitates. You'll have to make the first move. If she moves anywhere at all, it will be
backwards or sideways. With her basically shy nature and fear that she won't be
accepted, she echoes .the male of the Sun sign. I know of a Cancer woman and a
Cancer man who, for seven hours, sat close to each other one night in her

under the pretense of looking at magazines. While their pulses pounded silently,
they went through a stack of back issues, the morning and evening papers, and
worked a few crossword puzzles. Neither crab, you see, wanted to make the first

Be kind to her mother, or she'll never forgive you. Mother is a lady she won't like to
see abused. The Cancer girl's sense of humor doesn't react favorably to mother-in-
law jokes. And never read her five-year-diary. It probably has a lock and key,
anyway. Cancerians like to keep secrets. They're not much for true confessions,

unless you're the one doing the confessing.

The fears of your lunar lovely can really hang you up, along with her. She's afraid
she isn't pretty enough, she isn't smart enough, she isn't young enough or she isn't
old enough. It makes no difference if she has a figure like Venus de Milo, a face like
Helen of Troy and a mind like Aristotle: she'll still feel inadequate. Assure her that
she's young, she's lovely, she's engaged, and she has you. About twenty times a day
should begin to make a dent. Her moods will change on the average of four times a
month, with each quarter Moon plus minor fluctuations twice a day- reflecting the
tides. She's sort of predictable in an unpredictable kind of way. It may make her
fascinating and mysterious, but so doggone aggravating youll feel like whacking
her. During one of her blue spells, she may even be afraid she's not a good cook,
which is utterly ridiculous, because the typical Cancerian woman can make a French
chef look like the mess sergeant you had at boot camp. This woman isn't an
automatic can opener or a frozen food fan. She would rather shell her own peas and
bake her own biscuits. Her casseroles are sensational, her potatoes are fluffy, her
vegetables are crisp and crunchy, and she tops it all off with heavenly strawberry
jam. Cancer women are very friendly with their ovens. The kitchen will be her
favorite room by far (next to the nursery). She'll fuss over you like a mother hen,
and you'll probably love it.

Most men do.

In addition to the obviously unjustified fear about her culinary skill, she may be
afraid you don't love her enough. That should be easy for any red-blooded male to
remedy. Go ahead and prove it-as often as you like. She'll be beautifully receptive.
Once you've turned on the green light, she'll happily recognize the signal, which
may remove her feelings of inadequacy, but which creates a new problem.
Truthfully, after you've won the Cancerian female, she may be just a little tenacious-
like, she'll never let go of you as long as she lives. That's not bad. There »re men
who starve for such loyalty. You'll never starve for either food or affection when
you've been lucky enough to win her kind of love. The loony laugh that
accompanies it can be kind of kicks, too. Her rich humor is even warmer and dearer
when you think of all the sarcastic sirens with their cynical wit and hypocritical

It's brutally unfair to toy with the heart of this girl, because shell love, honor, obey
and nag you a little with sincere devotion. Why encourage such rare love unless you
mean to reciprocate with equal ardor? Remember her tenacity. You may only be
flirting lightly, but you'll have a hard time calling the end of the inning. She won't
hear the whistle. There's nothing shallow or superficial about the sentiments of a
Cancer woman. When she owns a man or a teacup, it's hers forever.

She may not overwhelm your friends with her vivacity and sparkling flattery, but
she won't fail to impress you with her charm. July women prefer to save their
deepest emotions for people closest to them. After you've dated other girls and
compared them to her, you may go running right back to your female crab, and beg

her to hang on again. Tightly.

The trickiest aspect in handling her is to keep her from crawling into the always
handy, tough Cancerian shell. Her feelings are so sensitive and tender, the slightest
unintentional remark can wound her harshly. It's hard to know when she'll suddenly
become vulnerable to hidden meanings. You could waltz in some night and say,
"Your hair looks gorgeous," and she'll get a tear in her eye. Why? Because you
insinuated her hair looked frightful the last time you saw her. Cancer women can be
quite touchy. They cry a lot. Always have a fresh handkerchief ready.

Females born under the sign of the crab aren't necessarily stingy, but they have this
little habit of saving things. You could say it's a downright compulsion. She'll
seldom throw away pieces of string, buttons, jars, cans, husbands, or old dress
patterns. Who are you to say she won't find a purpose for those torn theater stubs,
faded love letters and used tea bags? Someday in the unpredictable future, she may
need the burned-out fuses she keeps in the drawer with those broken Christmas
ornaments. Don't ask her how she's going to find a use for two hundred stockings
and gloves, long divorced from their mates. She will, she will! This isn't the girl to
take kindly to someone who burns a hole in the heirloom bedspread her great-aunt
Matilda quilted. Everything has a sentimental value, including canceled checks from
1952 and her old Girl Scout badges. She treasures the things she owns and guards
them jealously. That, of course, includes you. She's not so much jealous as
possessive. There's a shade of difference.

Women born under the fire signs may strain and protest against life's delays and
disappointments, but the Cancer girl usually feels nothing can be changed or
overcome by getting all stirred up. When things don't go her way, she may shed a
few quiet tears alone, but her normal reaction will be to fold her hands serenely and
wait patiently for things to right themselves. Patience is one of her loveliest virtues.
When she's depressed, however, youll have to find a way to take her out of herself.
Try to catch her before she has burrowed too deep. She does have a way of wanting
to be babied. The desire to be a little spoiled by loved ones seems to be buried

in the Cancerian nature. She needs desperately to know you can't live without her.
and sometimes shell go to great lengths to arouse your pity and protective instincts,
just to be assured she means a lot to you. It's really very little for her to ask, when
she gives so much in return. But don't be fooled by her weakness during these
episodes. That helpless little baby who seeks your big, strong arms to keep out the
cold, cruel world is perfectly able to manage by herself, if she must. In the middle of
a quarrel, when your lunar girl looks up at you with her eyes all wet and dewy and
frightened, remember that after you leave and are safely around the corner, she's
likely to dry her eyes, put a stack of records on the player, and calmly clean out her
closets. Of course, you can't rule out the times when her depression is real, instead
of a typical Cancerian bid for sympathy. Those nights you'd better stay, listen to the
music with her, and hold her hand tenderly.

There's no end to the heroic sacrifice a Cancer woman will be capable of for those
she loves. The bravery she can't seem to muster for herself and her own fears is

there shining when someone close needs her to be strong. She'll never let you

when things get really dismal, and then she'll remind you more of a gigantic, rugged
rock than a fragile, silvery moonbeam. Her children will also find her a tower of
strength and refuge. She'll help them find their way with sensitive understanding.
They'll cling to her, and the warmth of her love will make their home as rich and
comfortable and bright as a palace, even if it's a shack. You might suffer a slight
loss of attention when the babies come along. Cancer rules motherhood, you know.
There will still be room for you, but you'll have to move over a few inches. (A
childless Cancerian woman will love an animal or her friends with her stored up
maternal affection, and the pets and pals will be fortunate.) Like baby birds, her
youngsters will probably be fed every time she finds their mouths open, and always
the food will be hot and nourishing.

Nothing is too good for her family. When a child sneezes, he'll get plopped into bed
with medicines, hot tea and chicken broth until he gets old enough to resist. The
offspring of a Cancer mother won't get away without wearing his thick sweater on a
cold night, his scarf and mittens in the snow or his galoshes in the rain. A child has
to have lots of will power to fight the crab's protective solicitude. He has to be pretty
tough not to get spoiled, too. It's often quite a jolt when he goes out into the world
and finds out he's not the center of everyone's universe. Such complete dedication
and devotion can give him a wonderful featherbed of security to fall back on when
life gets too real, but it can also make him abnormally dependent on home ties, and
unable to see his own faults. It's often impossible to tell whether a Cancer mother
ties her children to her apron strings or they choose to tie the knot themselves.

save every spelling test paper, proudly hang clumsy crayon drawings on the wall
and tenderly wrap baby shoes in tissue paper. Those little wrinkled bits of white
kidskin are precious, because the lunar parent with her clear, photographic memory
will recall a child's first steps long after he's flown away from the nest. The flight
itself may be painful. Cancer women are reluctant to give up their youngsters to the
ties of marriage. They tend to hang on too hard and too long, and think no one is
good enough for them. Sometimes, the potential bride or groom of a man or woman
with a July parent has to pass everything but the ink blot test to get approved.

I once knew a Cancer mother who used to meet her small son every day after
school. He would always come bursting through the door like a jet-propelled rocket,
and immediately run furiously around the schoolyard a few times before he came
near her. Once, when she was accompanied by her sister, the aunt started to go
after the little boy, but the Cancer mother stopped her. "No, let him be," she said quietly.
"He's just working off steam. He'll be back when he's through running." Finally her
son walked over to her, took her hand and said, "Let's go home. Mom. I'm hungry."

That sums up the whole attitude of the lunar female toward all forms of love, and
most of all toward her m arriage. It's her strange brand of possessiveness that's
unshakable, but never aggressive. She knows, in her secret heart, that no matter
how far away you go to follow your dream, youll always come back again and she'll be
there patiently waiting. Her eyes will still be beautiful with the Moon magic you
remember, the kitchen will smell deli-ciously of warm spices, and she'll ask you
how things went, how you feel. If things went badly and you feel miserable, shell
tell a joke to get you to laugh. Then she'll fill your stomach, and after you're relaxed,
she'll gently smooth away your worries with her sensible advice and her rich humor.
Later, in the firelight, you'll look at her serene face and ask yourself all over again,
"Is she really a Moon maiden from some misty garden or a lovable loony bird?" But
the answer won't seem very important.